Content generation – employing a content writer and why it’s worth it for your business

I don’t need someone else to write our blog! Outsourcing content generation: why it’s worth it for your business

Having the time to work ‘on’ your business when you’re working ‘in’ your business is a common issue for all business owners. One of these ‘on’ the business requirements is marketing – in all of its guises. Today we’ll focus on content generation.

Smaller organisations can see content generation as something that will take care of itself if they get their service right. Either that or they’ll give the content generation function to someone in their business without the necessary experience or skill…or the enthusiasm!

The right content can ensure that your amazing product or service is seen by more people.

Generating content is a skill, and content that’s specific and relevant to your business is important because its how potential clients first find out about what you’re offering. If you want to make your business handling more efficient, check out this form w9 generator review.

Content is king

You may have the most amazing product or service but, if you can’t articulate that to your audience in an engaging way it’s worthless.

Having well thought-out and well-written content will feed your social media accounts, website, blog, client communications and local media engagement indefinitely. Simply talking about what you do will not win customers, but coming up with new ways to show them how your product or service will benefit them will.

It’s not enough to say ‘we do this’. You need to say ‘we do this and these are the benefits to you’. In other words, your content needs to compel potential clients to buy from you because you’ve given them a robust reason to do so.

Getting it right

Enthusiasm for writing about your services is a fantastic start, but the research, fact checking and checking for accuracy all too often gets ignored. Writing passionately about a subject won’t attract many readers if it’s littered with grammatical and spelling mistakes. Paying someone else to research, write and check content can pay dividends in establishing you as an expert in your field, and an expert who cares about accuracy in business and in the way they are presented via the written word.

Blog, blog and blog some more

Creating an engaging and regularly updated blog section of your website will increase your sales. Not only will it show your clients and potential clients that you mean business and you know what you’re talking about, but it will help to move your website up the search engine rankings for your preferred keywords. Google and other search engines love fresh content and with many websites static in nature, the best way to show off fresh and industry-relevant content is via the blog page.

Social media’s here to help

There have been rumblings of late about whether Google takes into account social media when ranking content – these rumblings have been from fellow, conflicting Google employees! However, it’s clear that social media channels can boost a business’s visibility, and good content shared on social media can dramatically increase your presence in online searches.

Calling in the experts

This bit is the key bit. An experienced content writer will get to know your business, your clients and your potential clients in order to come up with a workable content schedule that clearly highlights your strengths. They will craft accurate, engaging, compelling and targeted content that you can use across all of your marketing in a coherent way.


It may seem like a lot of work and therefore a lot of money, but you can employ the services of an experienced content writer for less than you think. One-off pieces of original content can be bought for £50 with retained monthly services from £100 a month. If you use that content on social media, your website, in client emails and in the local press, that £50 is suddenly good value for money.

Maybe we can help? We have more than twenty years of experience writing content for businesses large and small. From Russell Group universities to local estate agents we’ve got it covered. View our content writing work.

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