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EPS news is a 40 page University of Manchester publication that we’ve been working on since 2010. It showcases the research and activity undertaken across the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences.

University publications

The University of Manchester Faculty of Science and Engineering 

The brief: To write all copy for the magazine based on our own research and interviews. Full process project management.

The nine Schools that make up the Faculty of Science and Engineering offer world-leading programmes across a wide range of disciplines. They have a strong reputation for teaching and learning.
university publications

We began working with the Faculty in 2010 when the University of Manchester asked us to manage the research, writing and delivery of EPS NEWS, taking ownership of the entire process.

From initial editorial meetings to discuss the look and feel, tone of voice and, for each issue, the academics to be interviewed, we support the Faculty’s marketing staff in identifying newsworthy stories and features as well as presenting design and layout concepts for the magazine.

university publications

``I would like to pass on my thanks for creating a great alumni magazine. We've had brilliant feedback on it, both internally and externally, and from alumni who said it was the best publication they've ever received from the University.``

Zabina Kosar-Ahmed External Communications Manager, The University of Manchester

The brief for this university publication is to produce a magazine that showcases the considerable strengths of The University of Manchester’s Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences across a vast number of disciplines.

The publication needs to appeal to a broad audience: research and funding bodies, regional, national and international scientific business communities, researchers and academics, alumni and students.

The publications are sent to more than 80,000 readers, and feedback has been very positive over the years.

university publications
university publications

Other projects

As well as managing EPS News, we’ve project managed the publication of another of the University’s magazines – Your Manchester. We also work with Manchester Metropolitan University to project manage the content for its Research Matters publication.

We work with universities and other education providers to write and design printed publications such as magazines and newsletters, as well as prospectuses, leaflets and handbooks. We also provide copy editing and proofing services. 

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Working with copper media

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